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March 16, 2017
Diner vs. Restaurant vs. Café: What’s the Difference?
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At Hampton Diner, many people refer to us by a variety of different terms—diner, restaurant, food place, café, or simply their favorite place to find great food in New Jersey! But, as our name states, we consider ourselves a diner. What’s the difference between these terms, and do they really matter? Find out more by reading on below!
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March 11, 2017
Are Smoothies Healthy?
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Many people are seeking ways to add additional fruits and vegetables to their diets, and for good reasons! Eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables each day can contribute to a variety of health benefits, including providing the best nutrients and vitamins, protecting against many types of illness and disease, and even lowering your risk for certain conditions, like heart disease. But many people wonder how healthy these tasty beverages really are. The answer? It all depends on the ingredients! When you visit Hampton Diner in New Jersey in search of a delicious smoothie, ask what’s inside to make the best dietary decisions.
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February 13, 2017
How Cocktails Make Your Food Taste Better
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Ask anyone who has had a few too many drinks and then visited the bar restaurant knows, a few drinks can make your meal go down a lot more smoothly—and quickly, most of the time! But for a more moderate consumption, do cocktails really make your food taste better? The science says “yes!”
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