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March 11, 2017
Are Smoothies Healthy?
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Many people are seeking ways to add additional fruits and vegetables to their diets, and for good reasons! Eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables each day can contribute to a variety of health benefits, including providing the best nutrients and vitamins, protecting against many types of illness and disease, and even lowering your risk for certain conditions, like heart disease. But many people wonder how healthy these tasty beverages really are. The answer? It all depends on the ingredients! When you visit Hampton Diner in New Jersey in search of a delicious smoothie, ask what’s inside to make the best dietary decisions.

Fruit. Ideally, fruit and 100% fruit juice will be the main ingredients to your smoothie. This can provide a powerful punch, and may even deliver all of your fruit needs for the day! While staples like apples, bananas, and pears are sweet and delicious, try to include a variety of colors, such as berries and tropical fruits, for maximum health benefits.

Vegetables. Remember mom sneaking vegetables into your food as a kid? Smoothies can be made the same way! Carrots, kale, and spinach are popular additions and a great health boost.

Sugar. This is what separates healthy smoothies from desserts. If your smoothie is loaded down with sugar, you may want to consider having it as a dessert instead of a main entrée item. With the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables, sugar may not always be needed. If you have dietary concerns, ask your server about low-sugar or no-sugar-added smoothies.

Add-ins. From protein powder to chia or flax seeds, people are accessorizing their smoothies! Match your nutritional needs with add-ins, or go with a classic smoothie.

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